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American Range ACFC-3 Nat Gas

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You get a faster and better fryer from Commercial Range Company, with the latest technology incorporated into its design, and tons of features and benefits to suit the everyday demanding needs especially during extreme operating periods and the value and assured performance, of the high BTU rating for superior recovery. The ample cool zone prevents food particles from carbonization while extending oil life. Our unique vessel tank design features a deeper oil level, for larger food products, and a sloping vessel bottom for quick and complete draining of oil and debris.

It’s specially design tube shields provide a uniform heating pattern for positive, more consistent frying results. Equipped with a Millivolt Control System, and a 100% safety shut off valve. No electrical power is required. Conveniently located controls for easy access for operators, maintenance and service. Stainless steel heavy duty front and cooking zone, durable, double panel door, rugged base. Equipped with two nickel plated baskets with cool grip plastic coated handles provide maximum operator comfort.

• Stainless steel high quality construction
• Stainless steel durable double layer access door
• Stainless steel fry pots for long life
• Galvanized steel side panels
• Millivolt control system, no electrical hook up required.
• Thermostatic control adjusts from 200°F to 400°F
• 100% safety gas shut off when temperature exceeds safe limit
• 3/4″ NPT gas inlet in rear of the unit
• Chrome plated catch rack under the fry baskets
• 3/4″ diameter opening drain valve for easy draining of oil
• Twin chrome plated fryer baskets with cool grip plastic coated handles for safety & ease
• Regulator built-in gas valve
• Deflector/baffles absorb and diffuse heat to tube walls, providing fast and efficent heating.
• High BTUs/hr. for fast recovery time
• Combination gas valve includes built in pressure regulator, and gas control system, hermetically sealed for operating stability.
• 6” high chrome plated adjustable legs
• One year limited warranty, parts and labor