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As of January 1, 2013 3M Purification will be incurring a price increase on all of their products. It has become necessary to implement this price adjustment due to increases in packaging, various parts and components, as well as the volatility in the activated carbon market.

On average, the price increased on most products by 3%, however there were some products that increased more or less depending on specific cost impacts or price alignment issues.

And just as a friendly reminder, this price increase will be applying to all of our top selling 3M filtration products:

Ice Makers: ICE 120

Coffee & Tea: Brew 105-MS

(For small-medium coffee setups, 1-3 pot brewer)

Cold Beverage Systems: BEV140

Multi-Equipment/Combo Systems: DP190

(If your restaurant or store needs a filter for it all!)

Espresso Machine: SGP124BN-T (for systems with hard water)


Scale Inhibitor: SF18-S

Replacement Cartridges: CFS9812X-S (Everpure™ I-2000)

                                                  CFS9812X (Everpure™ MC)